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Recent Events – What Can You Do?

No matter where you’ve been I am sure the recent months have been a reminder of the importance of events in our lives.

Ideally, during the holiday season, these are celebratory events, of friends and family coming together. I’ve been lucky to enjoy family festivities, weddings and some standout sports and entertainment events already in 2020, reminding me of the power of shared experiences.

But of course, these events can be amongst adversity: here in Australia, it has been other major events occupying our minds and media. The nation has been burning, and so many people have been touched and affected in different ways.

Without downplaying the challenges that people are still facing, a positive thing that has come out is the ability of these events to galvanise people to come together and be their best.

How we all respond around these events is often what is most important, and it has been interesting to see that events are seen as being the means to respond to the crisis and support the recovery.

Many meetings have been held in recent weeks, as sports and entertainment communities come together to decide how they can best respond. And the answer has been to turn to events, as a way to bring these communities together, and as a platform to have a positive influence.

As they say “out of adversity comes opportunities”, and it has been pleasing to once again see that as an industry we can play a significant role in helping people. This does require a lot of work, but as event people, we can, and will, make these things happen.

Don’t forget the power of experiences now the holiday season is over.

So as we head into 2020, it’s worth reflecting on the power of the experiences you can create. Whether that be in ceremony, celebration, or recovery, we can and should use the power of events to help in any way we can.

In the coming weeks, we will be starting at the start. Taking you on our own journey in Experience Design. Some of the best ideas, methods and tools to bring people together. It’s all about ‘Intentional Experience Design’, but more on that next week.

What’re your intentions in 2020? It would be great to hear what you are going to do this year!

And if I can help with that, please do let me know.

Take care!


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