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So what is 'the experience'??

Last time we spoke about the value of experiences, but what’s involved in 'the experience' that you provide? And who provides it?

Well, I think it probably comes from everyone in your organisation, and, it’s a lot of things. Like… ... when I see something about what you’re offering, and I remember hearing about it from someone else

And it’s a little trigger that ignites some aspiration in me.

It’s when I’m thinking back to the last time I did it and remembering what it was like

It’s when I’m thinking whether I could do this, or not.

It’s when I am looking at your website and trying to work out where it is? And when?

It’s when I’m wondering is this for people like me?

It's when I’m reading the comments on your social feeds...

and when I’m looking at whether any of my friends have liked it?

It’s when I mention it to a friend and I get a reaction. Or not.

It’s when I’m weighing up should I or shouldn’t I, and it's the video you post that gives me a bit more motivation to do it.

It’s when I try and register, and can't even find how to register

It's when it only takes me 2 clicks, and I share it with my friends.

It’s when I hear there were some issues last time

It’s when I can see everyone was having a good time.

It’s when I decide I can, and should, make that commitment

Then it's when I finally do make the commitment.

It’s when I’m preparing and I’m not sure what I need to do?

It’s when I find the information that you’ve provided that tells me exactly what I need.

It’s when I’m thinking about showing up the next day, and deciding whether I will go. Or not.

It’s the reminder you give me when I remember that I am supposed to be going!

It’s trying to work out what I’m supposed to take or not, it’s trying to find how I get there, where will I park, what time, and what will the weather be like?

It’s when I read your FAQs and they actually answer my questions.

It’s the message you send me to make sure I’ve got everything I need in front of me right when I need it.

It’s the message from my friend that tells me they can’t make it now.

It’s when I show up and I aren’t sure I feel like I belong here.

It’s when I arrive and I’m welcomed.

It’s knowing where I’m supposed to be in where I need to be next

and it's when I’m feeling like I have everything I need.

It’s when I’m getting a bit excited, and it’s when it feels like something different

It’s when I feel like I’m a bit different.

It’s when I feel like I need something, and it’s when you help me out when I need it.

It’s helping me feel good.

It’s when I’m feeling like I belong.

It’s when I feel like I’ve become a bit better.

It’s when I’m feeling like I’ve connected to something and it's when I tell someone about the experience I just had, and I get a reaction.

Or not.

It’s that special feeling of having just done something good, and it’s that little bit of pride I get sharing what I’ve just done

It’s that little bit of kudos I get when people ask me how it was, and it’s a few of those likes on my social posts.

It’s when I’m deciding whether to do it again and it’s when you follow up and tell me what I can do next.

It’s when I sign up again, without you needing to prompt me.

And it’s when I decide to bring someone else with me.

I think it is all these things... and a lot more…

When we map your experience we look at what we can influence, by how much, how much we should invest, and how we might do it.

Of course, some of these experiences and moments can be more influenced by you than others. We can’t try to influence everything, but the main point is we try and influence those touchpoints that will mean the most. And that is what will decide if people want to show up, how they feel when they are there, what they will say, and if they will show up again. It’s all in the experience you provide. And if I can help with that, please just let me know.

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