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The Event Club at the Australian F1 Grand Prix

The Event Club explored one of the greatest event comebacks last week - and there was so much to take away and build on as our industry’s momentum builds!

We shared some thought starters on:

❤️ 💚Why ‘the experience’ matters so much

But, why do expectations matter more?? 👍🏻👎🏻

Why perception and reality can be 2 very different things - how our audiences make predictions, and why that matters the most! 😁😕

And then, most importantly how the Grand Prix navigates these many, varied expectations…



We all explored the Grand Prix from every angle, and some fascinating perspectives were shared by a diverse group of industry leaders - with vast experiences with the Grand Prix and many major events - like…

WHO the Grand Prix is for - and how there are some very different groups, who have vastly different experiences.

WHAT experiences were valuable - and what could be even better.

WHERE & WHEN the moments were that matter the most, that really made us think, and feel different, what we remembered and what experiences we had shared.

And… HOW we will use something in our own work!


We all explored the Grand Prix from every angle, and some fascinating perspectives were shared by a diverse group of industry leaders - with vast experiences with the Grand Prix and many major events - like…

WHO could be served more 😎

WHERE we would interact, WHEN we would offer it, online and on-site. 📱📍🕦

WHAT that might look like and HOW it might be done ☑️

There's so much energy around the Grand Prix and as an industry… so cool to see it all back and such and such style and scale

I certainly appreciate the different perspectives and all the different angles on things

really good to experience it for someone that's never been to the event and in looking at fresh eyes

it was actually really good to experience it.

have been many years previous on various days and in various capacities.

as a professional, but I think it's, … it's really cool that we're going as punters and just seeing what it's really like… this was the first time in a long time that I went as a punter.

I moved to Australia, because there was a grand prix here. That's what I wanted to do with my career!

yes, we're providing events. But it's the emotion it's it's the influence. It's the impact we have on people that is really so special. And I think people won’t forget that….

But, we know that we need to get it right to have those positive emotions and that positive impact and reputation.

a lot of people coming into Formula One … with a perception of what it might be like and sometimes that delivers to that, but then sometimes the reality of the experience is quite different

what what was the value and the experience on the different levels? And when were the moments that really impacted you? What are you thinking about and talking about now, as a as a fan or as a event professional?

Which are the things that really connected with you and your mind? And you've been talking about good and bad with others? And where did you experience the most value?

one person on one side of the track, get a better experience versus someone on the other side of the track…

I think the thing is, you've got to go for scale, because … the ratio is going to be in proportion to the size

… do want to make sure we're taking sort of a holistic look at the experience as much as you can.

that's probably the intention in year one just to get it off the ground. .. and I gave them a pass mark, bearing in mind that they're probably going to build on that over future years.

I think your point was sound that the event that the principle of the concert was great. The execution probably wasn't.

I'll take a slightly not alternative view but a different view. And this is this probably resonates with a lot of people here.

it is for a wide group of different people from your average sort of an average punter to a diehard fan to a corporate or sort of someone who joined the VIP experience to families enjoying a day out. I think, from what I saw, I thought it did quite a good job of of balancing the needs of those different groups

…a very different experience depending on how you were sort of choosing to, to consume it, but that there was definitely room for all of those different experiences.

I think there was something for everyone, to be honest, from the high end corporate, down to the grassroots fan or the kids

And some of them might obviously be slightly better than others. But but, you know, I think there was a, there was a very good mix of experiences, and they catered for their different customer groups pretty well.

…because of something like drive to survive? how prepared they were for what the experience on site was? Knowing there would have been a big cohort who had never been before and what sort of that brings into the picture?

I felt there was a lot of that kind of generational element too

At the end. It's just such a massive sort of weird outpouring of euphoria from everybody

the most memorable thing for them certainly was getting, they actually got a hat signed by Ricardo. They did everything. They were there, full on, but that's something that they will just remember now forever.

..that whole energy..

… Isn't this awesome? That's the bit that I will take away

… I can actually go on the track, this is crazy. I see it on TV. But to actually be on that track, and everyone's in a good mood and just, pretty excited climbing the fences to get the most insane vantage point was just insane

… creating their own experience. I think that's what I've took away a lot as well. There's an opportunity, your experience, how you like…

And, obviously, Grand Prix have done major resurfacing and restructure marks to try and improve racing in Melbourne, because it's as hasn't always been the best racing

… seeing them experience the event from within for the first time was probably my biggest takeaway

… we've got a new fresh crop of people coming through experiencing it from within.

the pressure that can be put on those staff members is enormous. Yeah, it's with the fact that there's a positivity out of it for from you. And for this event. That's great stuff.

and I there was actually something for both of us, even though we've got completely different preferences on what we want to do that.

that whole idea of Australia, and geography is actually coming through

There were a few clever solutions. But there were a lot of things that I felt could be tidied up or improved. And, and definitely, I thought there was an opportunity to bring that holistic look and feel through the whole thing a little bit more, where it felt all felt a bit disjointed in places …

I think keeping the fans engaged is a real key thing to really keep working on. And it's a challenge to keep those fans engaged.

So just reminding ourselves, reminding myself to look at what we can take away and what could be better, but also understanding the actual context and the personality of that event. And not always just putting my own event lens over it. Well, they should do it like this. They should do it like that.

... it was probably a good reminder, for me, I think there's a fine line as an event person of putting our event lens on events that have a completely different personality.

I was just really impressed…, the level of dedication

it's almost a impossible jigsaw

It had a much, it had a much nicer feel than other ones that I've been to.

I think the fact that there was such a buzz and a feelgood factor about the event.



So much admiration for the AGP team for leading the way - so much energy and momentum is coming from it… 🏁

- it’s amazing what a group of event people can achieve - and will keep achieving.


7.4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Event Club II - The Grand Prix Session was immense, and so interesting to experience it all.

… so please join us and support the Club, to help each of us grow as a community.

JOIN US at the Mother’s Day Classic - an iconic national event helping many Australians - let’s see how can we might help them?!

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