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The Event Club at the Mother's Day Classic

Our recent Event Club explored one of Australia’s iconic national events – The Mother’s Day Classic - and there was so much to absorb and think about!

We shared some thought starters on:

👉 Why events are what we sell , but experiences are what our people value ❤️.

👉 How the emotive connection can mean so much

👉 Why that influences whether they will sign up, what they experience when they show up, and what they will share afterwards.

👉 And then, most importantly we looked at how the Mother’s Day Classic has such a deep influence on people, and even more importantly, how they might keep doing it

💓 ☺️

We all explored the MDC from every angle, and from across Australia, with some interesting perspectives shared by a diverse group of industry leaders.

WHO we think the MDC is for

WHAT did they experience?

- what did we hear, see, feel, think, say, and share?

- what value did it have?

- the functional, social, emotional (and even transformational!?

WHEN were the moments that mattered the most??

- before, during, and after.

WHERE did we experience the most value?

HOW could it be better???

+ HOW will we take away something away and use it in our work?

Loved it! Great experience and atmosphere. Amazing cause!
... the experience and a connection with the public, I think that's a huge part.
... coming off the back of the COVID year was interesting...
... you look beautiful crowd of people there, which was really, really lovely.
Long term volunteers have a sense of ownership...
... it's a completely different event in the fact that it's a community driven event, the people who are connected in the community are running the event.
... I think the biggest takeaway is that sense of community and the connection to the event. And I think it's very much a special event, where overall, there's not a great deal that needs to happen to it, because it is still a community event. But you know, all walks of life coming together for a great cause.

And then we rated the event, and asked ourselves that important question – would we do it again???


This is an iconic event, that connects with people in such a meaningful way. There can’t be many things within our community’s that can create this sense of connection and shared purpose.

Congrats to the MDC team and network of volunteer committees for what they achieve, and we are all interested to see where it gets to next.


And… what was our EVENT CLUB RATING?

7.1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



… please join us and support the Club, to help each of us grow as a community.

OUR NEXT SESSION - join us on June 16 to share


This is a great chance to join from wherever you are, just bring your favourite recent event experience and tell us why you thought it was great.

You’re invited to join the club – it’s all free - but for event geeks only!

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