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The Event Show with Anthony Everard

We are back! Series 2 starts with Anthony Everard from Cricket Australia – one of the leading figures in our sports events industry. Trust me, this is a rich half hour chat!    You can learn how Anthony led the way in the creating arguably Australian sports most successful products of the last decade, the Big Bash League. Hear how Anthony and his team had to ‘be like pirates’ on the journey to success, and to overcome their doubters. It’s interesting to listen to how Anthony led with a clear vision of what they had to be, and who they were not.    As you will hear, Anthony is a visionary and strategic thinker, and has so much to share with us, including an interesting view on the start up stages of one of our first, and leading womens sports products, the ANZ Championship. You will also learn how Anthony is ‘untangling a bowl of spaghetti’ in our sometimes complex, and always competitive event marketplace.   We hope you enjoy the show. And if you do, please let us know! We’ve been blown away by the interest so far.   And if you can possibly share the show with your networks, this helps us to keep attracting such talented people, to share their time with us, and learnings with you. Enjoy!

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