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The Event Show with Chris Robb

The Event Show podcast is brought to you by the event school. Amanda Jacobs and Andrew O’Loughlin chat to event professionals to hear their stories, uncover new trends, find out what matters to them and discover how they maintain that all important work-life balance.

In this episode we chat with Chris Robb, author of the book ‘Mass Participation Sports Events’, a highly sought after International Speaker, High Impact Consultant and CEO of Mass Participation Asia.

Chris’s life reads like the pages of a novel. His amazing journey has allowed him to impact the lives of millions of people by creating and delivering mass participation sports events across three continents. While there have been countless highlights, including working on the Sydney 2000 Olympics and recently, meeting Sir Richard Branson at his home on Necker Island, Chris came from humble beginnings, growing up poor on a farm in Zimbabwe.

This is a fascinating podcast providing incredible insights into the events industry and the learnings event professionals can take from their work.

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