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The Aus Open Event Show with Karen Clydesdale

Updated: May 26, 2022

Karen Clydesdale is a well-known and popular leader in our industry, so it was an absolute pleasure to catch up on The Event Show this week.

Karen has been achieving amazing things with her team across the Australian Open and the many experiences they produce, so this is a brilliant opportunity to hear how they have been going about it… to understand the new and leading ways of working, from a team that is leading the way. From how they are putting the customer at the heart of all of their decisions, have become very clear on who they are, how experiences can be designed and delivered, and, how we can all keep evolving what we do.

We cover a lot of things, including the importance of #experiences, having a very strong vision, strategic pillars, and guiding principles as a Northstar to influence what you are focusing on. We hear about the role of agile methodology and human-centred design have to play in our sports and events, and what you can learn from Tennis Australia's experience with it.

We also talk about the positive influence of tennis in people’s lives, the ongoing evolution of the #AusOpen, through to #HotShots and the many ‘purposeful experiences’ that Tennis Australia provides, understanding the expectations of all the different groups of people, the fans, patrons, the players, participants, and partners, and also the workforce - and why that is important.

We even touch on all the levels of value, from the ‘Brilliant Basics’, ‘Moments to Master’ and those ‘Iconic moments’ for before, during and after an event, across all the critical physical and digital interactions in the journeys we provide. We also learn how Karen’s team measures progress in real-time, and importantly how they apply the insights.

Last but definitely not least, we also learn from Karen's vast personal experiences, including some really practical and valuable tips - like taking a photo of your car so you remember where you parked it – and many other things that will resonate with event people!

The purpose of The Event Show is to give a voice to our industry, to hear from influential leaders as to how they are going about their work, and so we can take things away and apply it in our world. And in this new series, we are lucky to speak with leaders in the world of major events, as we enter an exciting window of opportunity across our industry.

So there is so much to take away from this chat, from a strategic level, through to the day-to-day ways of working, Karen has a wealth of experience and is using that to make a real difference in the experiences she provides.

A big thanks to KC for her time, passion and sharing 🙏 🙌

I’d hope you gain a lot from it, and we do hope you enjoy the Show!

🎾 🎧 👍

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