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The Event Club goes to the motoGP!

Another fascinating 'Event Club' experience, following the fans on their pilgrimage back down to the island for the MotoGP™ 🏁.

Many thanks to the Australian Grand Prix Corporation team for opening up access for us, it was great to be 'back where we belong'.

Always so much to take away from these iconic events, and to see what could happen next.

Great to observe, discuss, chat and compare with a great group of people.

Special thanks to Amy, Dani & Kate for granting us access - and being open to a bunch of event geeks checking things out - especially on such a testing led-in week.

Next up we go from bikes to billy carts, from a big event to a big brand activator - at the Red Bull Billy Cart Race... 🚘

If you'd like to join us, or hear more about The Event Club just jump in here or drop me a message - it's like a book club, but for event geeks!

🤓 🤔

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