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Events are Everything

Working with some great organisations recently has reinforced 3 things for me, that may be obvious, but are often forgotten.

#1. Events bring everyone, and everything together

#2. Events showcase everything you do


#3. Almost everyone is ‘in events’.

And what I have seen is that when organisations realise these 3 things, then they see great gains for their events – and – their organisation.

#1. Events bring everyone, and everything together

Events are the heart beat of your organisation.

Events are essentially a platform where your organisation and your target audience come together to showcase an activity, to share a common interest. A primary example is in sport, where ultimately events provide the essence of the sport. The game days, tournaments and gala’s are when it all comes together, and where it all comes to life!

In sport, events are where the sport is consumed, whether we are watching, or playing. It is the beating heart; it is how we can interact with the sport, the real-life, broadcast, and online experience that the event provides. Events are how the product is packaged and sold, the content consumed. It is how value is offered!

It is the same for many organisations and their events. Events really are where you will win, or lose. When everyone can benefit. Or not!

#2. Events showcase everything you do

Events are your shop window

I believe events can (and should) showcase everything about an organisation. Whether that is a sport, a brand, or a cause, your events are the public manifestation of your organisation. And… in many cases… events are the main (or even only) shop window for you to showcase what you offer to the world.

Events are WHEN it matters.

What happens on the event day is what matters. On the field performance, and, back of house performance matters. Event days are the defining moments in time.

I was working with the QRL recently, where they have over 400 clubs, each producing several events every week. The scale and combined influence of all these events on their sport is immense. And event days are how the sport is lived and breathed across the state.

In sport, game day in the judgement day.

Sports really are a primary example, as ultimately, events are the essence of the sport. Event days are when the sport comes to life.

#3Events need everyone to contribute

The other thing I have been reminded is that arguably everyone is ‘in events’.

What you put in, is what you get out.

Not only do your events bring your audience together, your fans, participants and partners, they also require your whole organisation to come together behind the scenes, to contribute to, and gain from, their success.

Across Marketing & Commercial, High Performance, People & Culture, Operations, even Finance, events are where all the work comes to life, and has a meaning. 

We are all ‘in events’

Your event team may be small, but everyone on the team is judged by ‘the events’. Events are how your work as an organisation comes to life. Your efforts as a CEO, as a Board, as GM, Director, Executive and as a volunteer.

Your events may not be the only thing. But they are a part of everything.

Take a look at where ‘events’ are across your Annual Report. Probably on the front cover and almost in every page? Events will be intertwined and weaving thru all elements of your report, and your organisation.

Tennis Australia has been a benchmark, for understanding the influential role events play across an organisation. 

So, it seems when organisations realise that:

1. Their events bring everything together, and 

2. Events showcase everything they do, 

– they become much more powerful.


3. When everyone can (and does) contribute, 

– events can amplify everyone’s success.

So what can you do?

I believe taking a strategic, organisation-wide mindset to your events, can open up a whole world of opportunities. And if you don’t, you risk losing not just in your events, but as an organisation. And we’d all rather be winning!

In reality, taking the time out for a ‘big picture’ approach, and ‘joining the dots‘  can be difficult. We simply just don’t have the time to work it out, and then to change it.

So, if you need some help bringing it all together, to showcase all your great work – just let me know.

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