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The Event Club @ parkrun

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The Event Club is underway, please come and join the conversation!

Our first session visited parkruns across Australia, and we shared some thought starters on:

👍 Why parkrun is so great

💚 Why ‘the experience’ matters so much

👌 How ‘the experience’ drives growth, retention, and reputation

Then some interesting perspectives were shared by a great group of people, like…

Why a seamless sign-up experience matters

Why follow-ups after sign-ups are needed

The role and evolution of the famous parkrun barcode

Why interactions between people are so important

How first-timers, long-timers, and travellers are recognised

How milestones and moments mean a lot

How rituals play a central role

Why the place is critical

Why allowing ownership is valuable

AND - like all good event people we found some potential ways to evolve the parkrun experience, making it even better than it is.

- How we would get those that sign up that don’t show up to turn up

+ Where parkrun can go from here while staying true to the successful model.

In 'The Tools You Can Use’ segment we called out the value of keeping it simple - making things ‘EAST’ ...

Easy (parkrun is free and accessible)

Attractive (the parkrun ‘feelgood factor’, the people and places)

Social (the shared rituals and recognition), and

Timely (it's every week, same time and place).

And so, what was our parkrun experience rating?

☆☆☆☆ (3.8/5)

& we all agreed parkrun offered so much to learn from, and share.

As a wrap Club 1 was fast but fun, and interesting - it’s amazing what a small group of like-minded people can come up with when they get talking.

So please join us and support the Club, to help each of us grow as a community.

... and join us at the Grand Prix!


A few notes on reflection… one other model you can use - applying the ‘Influential STEPS’ in your events:

🏃 Sport/activity - the active experience provides positive benefits to people

🕐Timing - the regularity of a weekly ritual provides repetition

💚 Experiences of value - with the functional essentials, the social and emotional connection, and the transformational value before, during and after a parkrun experience

🗺 Places and 🫂 People - the ‘feel good’ environment and interactions

🆭 Systems - the strength of global and local, brings it all to life!

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